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Member onboarding

Suggestions via whiteboard / sticky notes (/roundtable?)


Hey there!

We're excited to invite you to our first major club event! Come hang out + have dinner with us at compsigh init on Friday, March 10th at 5pm in the Getty Lounge @ Lo Schiavo and meet other cool students who are interested in CS, engineering, design, and more. RSVP here by Thursday night!

What’s compsigh about again?

Two of our goals are to design and host student-run events, and making the CS department a more engaging and social space. Throughout the semester and beyond, we’ll be doing this through socials, workshops (hosted by and for students — that could be you!), and working closely with the department.

Why should I go?

If meeting cool people, learning useful and relevant skills, and experiencing CS in a more chill and collaborative way sound good to you, come join us! :) (Plus free food, lol) We’ll be talking about these things more in detail, and how you can get involved (including leadership opportunities). It's gonna be a great time and we'd love to have you there!

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