Leadership teams

⚙️ Structure

🔍 How do leadership teams work?

Generally, anyone can contribute to efforts by leadership teams (such as volunteering for an event) — we don’t want you to feel like you can only contribute to the teams you’re a member of.

However :) to avoid confusing decisions, and to cultivate a sense of responsibility, leadership team members are the point people for their respective efforts of the club.

For Spring 2023, teams consist of three club members each, plus all three executives. For now, club members cannot be on multiple leadership teams.

👥 Teams

<aside> 🗓️ Events

Responsible for designing and hosting club events i.e. socials, activities (such as hackathons), etc.


<aside> 🏗️ Workshops

Responsible for coordinating workshops people want to run or attend, helping members make them as engaging and relevant as possible.


<aside> 📜 Content

Responsible for coordinating and executing internal and external marketing efforts.


<aside> 📈 Growth

Responsible for the goal of growing and improving the CS major at USF as a whole. Involved in conversations with the department; examples of discussions include: increasing collaboration for students, tours for HS student shadow visits, etc.


✋ Getting Involved

We’re looking for organized and responsive people to join the teams :)

If you’re interested, please fill out the form below:


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