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<aside> 👋 We welcomed everyone to the event, handed out Founder Cards* and introduced our executive members (Edward, Quinn, and Jacob)

*If you filled out our member registration form before January 25, 2023, we owe you one! Message us in the Discord :)


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<aside> 🙏 We shared our club’s purpose, which is to (1) increase engagement, social activity, and growth of and within the CS department, and to do so through (2) student-run events, (3) workshops, and (4) working directly with the department.


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<aside> 🗓️ We introduced how events will work this semester, and announced our intention to host an end-of-year social.


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<aside> 👥 We introduced how club leadership works, and how you can get involved:

Leadership teams & how to join


Your Ideas slide.png

<aside> 🎤 We ran an open-mic on what you’d like to see happen in the club: events we run, what would make being a member more special, what skills you want to learn, etc.


Here’s what you came up with:

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